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For both enjoyment and entertainment, get ready to bring Little Fox to your Centre for the best show in town.   If you're looking for a cultural and musical experience all wrapped up in one - Little Fox can provide you with a quality interactive experience you won't forget!  From a one-off Play Shop with drumming, dancing and fun, to a regular drumming session, to a  Drum Making Workshop, we promise you'll get the best experience in town. 
We have many private performances booked for 2014, and have plenty more dates available.  Stay informed about our upcoming public performances at libraries by checking our Events Page for the latest news on where Little Fox will be - we will be updating our website soon.
Call us on 03 5966 5598 today.
A few words from Little Fox.......
"The following sums up what I know to be true after more than 15 years of presenting drumming workshops to children and adults:
*  Music inspires creativity, imagination and self expression.
*  Drumming builds self esteem and good memory skills.
*  Drumming is easy and fun!
*  Even the shy, most reluctant children will usually participate in a drumming session with me.
*  It's not that smart kids play music, it's that music makes kids smarter!
*  Group drumming promotes team work and listening skills."
  * A study from the USA showed that children aged five to seven years who had been lagging behind in their school performance, caught up with their peers in reading and were ahead of them in maths, after just seven months of music lessons.
*  Research has found that children aged four to six years old who had music lessons had better memories, as well as higher literacy and maths levels.
Regular classes or one-off sessions:
*  Little Fox runs regular drumming classes in kindergartens, child care centres and primary schools.
* Little Fox can offer simple rhythms for teachers to work with the children between sessions.
*  Choose from weekly, fortnightly or per Term classes to suit your budget, or book a one-off workshop today!
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